Moon Rising

To say it's a beta is a little inaccurate, considering we're ball-deep in alpha graphics and constantly changing gameplay elements such as, oh you know...the rules of the game. But the salient point is this - it's available now and free to play (we wish we could charge $30 for an alpha, but we're not Introversion).

So you want to know what the game's about? Well, it's a turn-based strategy based on the Moon in a numerically satisfying year (2099, most likely), much in the mold of Advanced Wars & Laser Squad and other such seminal works. Except with a few twists we hope you'll like. "And what are those twists?", we hear you scream (but only just because this is, after all, set in space). Video first, though:

The Game

You begin with a Headquarters capable of producing various units from Astronauts to Terraformers. With these you must capture more buildings and outwit your opponent through a number of game types. Besides the Headquarters, there are two types of building in Moon Rising - Solar Station and the Refinery.
Capturing Solar Stations will give you more power, enabling you to move your units further each turn. The Refinery generates more income with which to produce the aforementioned units. Simple.

  • 6 unique units
  • Astronaut | Rover | Supply Truck | Attacker | Mobile Launcher | Terraformer
  • 3 building types
  • Headquarters | Solar Station | Refinery
  • 3 exciting game modes
  • Radar | Transmission | Payload

One of the biggest changes we have made recently is the ability to transport your units between buildings at a moderate cost in power. This has had a profound impact on the game, increasing the pace and placing even more strategic importance on the buildings you capture.

Single Player

Yes, there is a full, single-player campaign. But not only that, there is also a Skirmish mode where you can play games against human or AI opponents on a multi-player map of your choosing.

Multiplayer (cross-platform, don't you know?)

We have spent a great deal of time in perfecting the Multiplayer aspect of the game. Currently, the Multiplayer lobby is where you'll create and discover new games. It's fully asynchronous and cross-platform, which means that you can take a turn, go and make a cup of tea (or even go on holiday) while your opponent takes his or her turn.

There are 2, 3 and 4 player maps to play and we are currently implementing a permanent ranking system which will gain (or lose) you points each time you complete a map against human opponents.

Download beta

We have had to remove the download links while we fix a bug with the player registration system - follow us on Twiiter and Facebook for updates.

Linux Closed Beta

We are now running a closed Beta for Linux users.
Moon Rising is developed using the Unity game engine meaning only Ubuntu 12.10 and above are currently supported.

Sign up here if you want to take part in bringing Moon Rising to Linux!